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Curious Mind

Often in our spiritual travels, we find that we need a good conversation partner. Learning and un-learning is a spiritual act of worship. "Thinking about our thinking" is a holy experience and changes the world.

I am insatiably curious and fascinated by how theories shape and impact our psyche and way of living.


My goal as a mystic scholar and a theological doctoral candidate is to explore theories and frameworks of LOVE.

I aim to co-facilitate interfaith spiritual conversations, leveraging insights from theology, psychology, neurotheology, the Enneagram, and other relevant tools to help us all evolve and push the human race forward.


I believe when rooted in love and aimed at well-being for all creation we can better cultivate grounded, integrated, living and orient ourselves personally and communally towards liberation, radical inclusion, and the flourishing of all humankind.


I explore theories and their lived impacts with public audiences as a public theologian through the Desert Voices Podcast.


Desert Voices is a critical thinking podcast designed to facilitate an open space for you to engage your curiosity and learn alongside us. 


My dream is to equip you with resources to develop your inner self more fully thus gaining deeper levels of emotional intelligence and healthier communication patterns.

Click here if you're curious about the theological framework I operate from. 

My hope is to save you time, energy, and money doing what I love, so you can come along the journey, gain tools for life, and have more capacity to do what you love.



"Thank you for speaking out and sharing your stories. For so long I have felt so so alone in settings that you both talk about on the podcast. Truly, your voices have revived my spirit and soul. Thank you."

- S. M. 

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