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From Insight to Impact with Shaleen Kendrick

In an era defined by rapid change and complexity, Shaleen Kendrick stands at the forefront of groundbreaking work—Neurotheology, Polyvagal Theory, Open and Relational Theology, and the praxis of Adaptive Leadership.


Shaleen is not just a theologian; she is the architect of the Neuro-Relational Leadership™ model, which is the solution to creating cultures that are dynamically balanced, adaptive in function, and promote new emergent abilities in individuals, organizations, and societal systems.

Shaleen's work is at the forefront of interdisciplinary innovation, expertly weaving together cutting-edge research from:


  • Neurotheology: Exploring the connection between spirituality and the brain to deepen understanding and enhance spiritual experiences.

  • Polyvagal Theory: The science of connection applying insights into the nervous system's role in emotions and social connections to foster resilience and well-being.

  • Open and Relational Theology: Advocating for an evolving, interactive relationship with the divine, Open and Relational Theology encourages transformative change and a deeper sense of interconnectedness and purpose.

  • Adaptive Leadership: Implement agile strategies to navigate ever-changing landscapes with elegance, ease, and efficiency. Promote an emergent leadership style that is responsive to both individual needs and systemic challenges. Equip yourself and your team to tackle today’s complex problems with innovative solutions and endless possibilities.


Each strand of research contributes to a holistic approach designed to cultivate well-being, promote personal and communal actualization, and guide individuals and organizations through transformative processes that are trailblazing.

Why Engage with Shaleen Kendrick?

Shaleen’s unique combination of expertise enlightens the symbiotic relationship between mind, body, and spirit and provides practical pathways to integrate these insights into daily life and leadership practice. By engaging with her, you will:

  • Embrace a holistic view of well-being, recognizing the interconnectedness of life's various aspects.

  • Develop resilience, empathy, adaptability, and emotional intelligence, which are crucial for personal and social well-being.

  • Foster inclusive, authentic connections underpinned by mutual respect and shared purpose.

  • Navigate change with agility and creativity, aligning personal and organizational actions with core values for broader societal impact.


As a culture coach, integrative facilitator, and speaker, Shaleen Kendrick brings a wealth of interdisciplinary knowledge, compassion, and transformative potential to every interaction.


Whether you're seeking growth and development for your professional organization, looking for a facilitator for faith communities, or need a dynamic speaker who seamlessly bridges human nature, science, and spirituality, Shaleen Kendrick offers an integrative and adaptive approach. Her guidance ensures a fulfilling, interconnected, and purpose-driven experience. Connect with Shaleen today to transform your engagement into an inspiring journey.

Please note that as Shaleen nears the completion of her Th.D., her availability for culture coaching projects is currently limited. She is dedicated to finalizing and publishing her dissertation and launching The Neuro-Relational Leadership™ Model. We encourage interested parties to contact us for future engagements or to learn more about how this innovative model will benefit you individually and organizationally.

Connect with Shaleen Today To Create

Dynamically Balanced, Adaptive Cultures with Emergent Ability



"Thank you for speaking out and sharing your stories. For so long I have felt so so alone in settings that you both talk about on the podcast. Truly, your voices have revived my spirit and soul. Thank you."

- S. M. 

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