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In today's rapidly evolving world, Shaleen Kendrick is the architect of the Neuro-Relational Leadership Model™ , which is the solution to creating cultures that are dynamically balanced, adaptive in function, and promote new emergent abilities in individuals, organizations, and societal systems.

Neuro-Relational Leadership is a cutting-edge model that merges neuroscientific understanding with Enneagram wisdom to create cultures where humans can grow, thrive, and evolve.


This interdisciplinary model can be practically applied across various contexts to create growth and emergent abilities in individuals, organizations, and societal systems. 


Neuro-Relational Leadership Model™ Cultivating Dynamic & Adaptive Cultures with Emergent Abilities

Does your culture merely get by, or does it thrive? Cultures that get by are characterized by maintaining the status quo and basic functioning, while cultures that thrive know how to create new, emergent, beneficial abilities within individuals, teams, and systems.

Neuro-Relational Leadership™ (NRL) is a science-based approach to personal and professional development that merges insights from neuroscience, interpersonal neurobiology, and leadership theory. It explores how to use our stories, bodily states, and emotions to shape us for the better across mind, body, and spirit. The model effectively leverages scientific insights to unlock emergent abilities such as increased self and social awareness, empathy, adaptive functioning, complex decision-making, and problem-solving.


In an age characterized by complexity, rapid change, and overwhelm, many traditional ways of living and organizational structures can be rigid, resistant, or unable to adapt fast enough to survive and thrive. Without adaptation, there is a lack of cohesion, collaboration, and innovation. This can lead to stagnant environments where individuals, organizations, and societal systems are constrained and unable to reach their full potential.

Neuro-Relational Leadership™ offers key insights into brain-body functions and interpersonal dynamics to enable leaders to cultivate environments that not only support but actively increase human capabilities

By integrating humanity’s three intelligence centers—mental (mind), instinctual (body), and emotional (spirit)—in unique ways and with interdisciplinary insights, NRL™ creates dynamic balance, adaptive functioning, and new emergent ability within individuals and teams.

NRL guides and equips individuals, organizations, and societal systems with the necessary skills to thrive in complex and ever-changing conditions. Transitioning from reactive survival patterns to proactive, sustained growth allows for effective integrative responses to changing circumstances and also the ability to seize new, evolving opportunities.

NRL™ is the solution for those looking to cultivate a culture of resilience and adaptive ability.

Embrace scientific insights and connections that synergize individuals, organizations, and societies.


Discover how the Neuro-Relational Leadership™ model cultivates growth, collaboration, and innovation for peak performance and endless possibilities.



The Neuro-Relational Leadership™ Model

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"Truly effective leaders are distinguished by a high degree of emotional intelligence, which includes self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skill."

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