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I'm Shaleen Kendrick, standing at the intersection of transformative change and integrative living. With a fervent dedication to human flourishing, I navigate today's complexities as an executive culture coach, workshop facilitator, doctoral candidate, author, podcaster, and passionate speaker.

My professional journey began when I graduated from Arizona State University with a vision to impact the world through a conservative expression of Christianity. I co-created the first-ever college Young Life program at ASU, which later expanded nationwide. However, life had other plans, and my expression of faith unraveled, leading me into liminal spaces where true growth often unfolds. I found myself in harsh desert spaces—seemingly barren, often lonely, mad, and afraid.

In these transformative thresholds, in a metaphorical desert, I discovered a kind of desert spirituality—an integrative, contemplative, mystical expression of faith that changed my brain structure and thereby altered my neural functions in ways that have transformed who I am and how I move through the world.

Who knew there was a specific place in the brain crucial for empathy and social awareness?


This brain region is the "heart of our brain" and is essential in cultivating feelings of empathy towards those who are suffering or in pain...


...So much so that when activated repeatedly, this part of our brain grows to promote a new emergent capacity for empathy, social awareness, and harmonious connections while simultaneously reducing anger and/or fear responses.


I inadvertently repeatedly activated this part of my brain while in life's metaphorical desert spaces, trying to hide from pain, not necessarily affect change.


I emerged a mystic with an astonishingly greater capacity to see and celebrate the interconnectedness and sacredness of all life. 


Ultimately, I discovered that the harsh desert spaces in life are, in fact, teeming with life, vibrant and alive, and it is a place that ignites revolutionary action.

Interestingly, I also discovered along the way that the environments we cultivate, both internally and externally, shape our mind, body, and spirit on both existential and cellular levels.


Apparently, culture really does matter.

Driven by a profound desire for connection, change, and wholeness, I have honed my skills as an executive culture coach, communication specialist, and doctoral candidate.


This unique blend of expertise allows me to equip others to cultivate grounded, integrative living and navigate the complexities of our rapidly changing landscape with adeptness, resilience, empathy, and social awareness.

Now, as the creator of the cutting-edge Neuro-Relational Leadership™ model, which merges neuroscientific understanding with Enneagram wisdom to create cultures where humans can grow, thrive, and evolve, my aim is to contribute to humanity's forward momentum by helping the integration of humanity’s three intelligence centers—mental (mind), instinctual (body), and emotional (spirit)—in unique ways and with interdisciplinary insights. 

This interdisciplinary model can be practically applied across various contexts to create growth and emergent abilities in individuals, organizations, and societal systems. NRL™ creates dynamic balance, adaptive functioning, and new emergent ability.

My work provides an innovative approach that actualizes 'Adaptive Leadership'—the ability to anticipate, prepare for, and respond to change with flexibility and discernment—through effective implementation.

I was recently asked in an interview what I am most proud of...and at the moment, it is the creation of the groundbreaking Neuro-Relational Leadership™ model that emerged from my doctoral studies. 

It is a unique model that seamlessly integrates tangible neuro-social-emotional education with interpersonal relationships. The NRL™ model is further enriched by the wisdom of the Enneagram (I am also an iEQ9 certified practitioner), which adds depth and a common language.

In an age defined by unprecedented technological advancement and AI integration, developing uniquely human skills is paramount.


The NRL™ model transcends conventional approaches by providing individuals, organizations, and societal leaders with practical, science-based understandings of how to thrive in complexity. It also offers a unique and powerful definition of what it means to thrive.

With increased self-awareness, creativity, and adaptive functioning, individuals, organizations, and societal leaders can lead confidently and with creative resilience.

We are in the beta testing phase of the NRL™ model. We would love to connect to explore opportunities to help equip you, your organization, and/or your social system to create cultures marked by harmony and vitality in the face of uncertainty, complex problems, and change as we enter a new era of possibility.

I appreciate Amelia Wren, who said, "You don’t change the world simply by looking at it. You change it through the way you choose to live in it."


I hope to change the world by living boldly, authentically, and compassionately—transforming the cultures I step into, one courageous step at a time.

Together, let's learn the power of integrative living and adaptive leadership to create the "more just, equitable, and beautiful world our hearts know is possible."


I am also a co-founder of Desert Voices

A social-emotional educational podcast

about critical thinking to promote well-being.

If you are you looking for a podcast about human nature, communication skills, and spirituality?

You found us! We are committed to boldly resourcing the spiritual quest toward integrative living so that we can flourish Personally, Professionally, and Collectively.

“What are the words you do not yet have? What do you need to say? What are the tyrannies you swallow day by day and attempt to make your own, until you will sicken and die of them, still in silence?"

- Audre Lorde

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